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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

CCM Veterans’ Continued Healing Program - April 18

April 18, 2015:  CCM Veterans’ Continued Healing Program 
Province Offices; 9:00 am – 1:00 pm, Conference Room A
4423 N 24th St Suite 400, Phoenix, AZ 85016 · (602) 443-7100

9:00     Welcome, prayer, introductions (10 min.) – Fr. Bob

Introduction to Crosiers and Crosier Cross Ministries (emphasis on “touching suffering with hope”) (5 min.) - Elisabeth
Review of goals and expectations for this morning (5 min.) – Jim & Fr. Bob
·         participants to be touched and encouraged by Jesus’ walk
·         together to explore potential for veteran healing through CrossWalk
·         participants to offer feedback on future program
·         determine participants’ future participation and help with recruitment

Informal reaction from participants about their expectations for the day (5 mins.)

Break – 10 mins.

9:45   Inspirational talk:  What Christ has to offer the veteran (10 min.) – Fr. Bob
—the walk to Calvary and Resurrection
Experiencing the Way of Cross PowerPoint (10 min.) – Fr. Bob
Explanation of Paschal Mystery concept:  “He –We” paradoxes (5 min.) – Fr. Bob
Silent personal reflection on the list of 15 “paradoxes” (10 min.) – Fr. Bob

Sharing of reactions, needs and expectations of the day
Participants’ sharing of previous healing program experiences 
(30 mins. total) – Sheran & Jim  

Second experience of Way of Cross PowerPoint (10 min.) – Fr. Bob

Break – 10 mins.

11:15    Outline of envisioned CrossWalk program (10 min.) - Elisabeth
Shape, dates, time, place
Methodology of CrossWalk sessions (10 min.) – John S.
Participants review veteran-related questions for each Station (30 min.) – John S. & Fr. Bob
Commitments to future participation and recruitment (5 min.) - Tracy
Evaluation of morning’s experience (10 min.) - Elisabeth

Break – 10 mins.

12:15     Midday Prayer and lunch
1:00     Departure