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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A message from our Worthy District Master Bryant Sayers

Worthy FNs and CCCs,

Please froward to our assembly members:

Sir Knights,


Are we doing our part?  One day you were asked to join the Knights of Columbus.  You said Yes.  You were then asked to join the Fourth Degree, again you said Yes.  Have you asked someone lately to join?  We need to recruit for our Councils as well as our Assemblies.  Will you be bringing them to the Exemplification in January?


For those living in the Phoenix area Tucson is only a little over an hour away!  Isn't it worth your time to ask a Brother to join our Patriotic order, stand united with your southern Brothers to share ideas, attend mass, .....Why wait?



Bryant R. Sayers, PSD

AZ District Master



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