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Friday, December 9, 2016

Midnight Mass at your respective parish this year

Worthy VSM, FSM, PMFDs, FNs and CCCs,

We will be seeing a number of call outs during the next several weeks.  Please check with your Parish about participating in the Midnight Mass or whichever Celebration your pastor desires of your assembly.  Issue your call out to your assembly soon and follow up on the day or so before Christmas Eve.  It would be great if someone could take pictures and submit them to our Worthy District Master so they can be posted on the State website.  We want to have dozens of Christmas Call Outs shown from across the State.

If you have no requirement for Midnight Mass at your parish (some don't), we could absolutely use your assembly at the Cathedral for the televised Mass for the Diocese of Phoenix.  Or, if you are in the South East Valley, Our Lady of Grace in Maricopa is having the First Midnight Mass EVER! in the new Church and Father Vasquez has asked for our participation with a LARGE Honor Guard.

Please send out the Call Outs for the Christmas Season to your assemblies.  We are the visible arm of the Order.  We definitely show the presence of "practicing" Catholic gentlemen.  It also makes sense to have someone not in regalia there that cab be handing out Form 100s and 400s to friends and neighbors that see YOU professing your faith as a Knight of Columbus.

Merry Christmas and we hope to see you and your Honor Guards at a Call Out near you soon!

Michael Paz
District Marshal - Central
Arizona State Council
Knights of Columbus
(602) 790-1789
I Will Choose Christ
I Will Choose Love
I Choose To Serve


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