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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Official Uniform for the 4th Degree is the Traditional (OLD) Knights of Columbus 4th Degree Dress uniform.

Worthy Faithful Navigators and Color Corps Commanders,

With the turnover of FNs and CCCs after the elections at mid-year, please send this onto the current FN and CCC if it is not you.  I have not requested or received this Fraternal Years Roster yet.

I have been asked to send out this notification to everyone to step away from the ledge and relax.  Negative and hurtful comments on social media hurts all of us.  We joined our Order to SERVE!  Please, remember that.

Until there is an official notification from the Worthy Vice Supreme Master Michael Kingman to our Worthy Master of the Fourth Degree Bryant Sayers to the contrary, the Official Uniform for all Assembly, Honor Guard and Color Guard functions is the Traditional (OLD) Knights of Columbus 4th Degree Dress/Regalia uniform.


When we get ALL of the information concerning the uniform change I promise you that it will provide it to you.  We will not put out bits and pieces of information.  Our Worthy master of the Fourth Degree believes that by doing that it will only add more confusion.  Please DO NOT add to the confusion. Please share this information with your assemblies.


In the words of a famous Green Bay Packers Quarterback… "Five letters here just for everybody out there: R-E-L-A-X," "Relax. We're going to be OK."


 On behalf of 

Bryant R. Sayers, PSD

Arizona District Master

Vivat Jesus!

Michael Paz
District Marshal - Central
Arizona State Council
Knights of Columbus
(602) 790-1789
I Will Choose Christ
I Will Choose Love
I Choose To Serve


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