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Chalice Ceremony

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4th Degree Chalice Ceremony

The person in charge of the Chalice Ceremony is designated as the Lector. He is aided by an Assistant Lector. Both officers are attired in the regulation uniform of the Fourth Degree.
At the appointed hour, Sir Knights in Honor Guard or Color Corps uniform and swords at “CARRY” march down the aisle of the mortuary (or church when appropriate). When the Honor Guard is in position, the Color Corps Commander will escort the Lector, and the Assistant Lector bearing the chalice and paten on a suitable small black cushion to the casket. The two officers halt in front of the casket, and pause a moment in silent prayer.
The Assistant Lector then steps forward and places the chalice and paten on the draped stand near the head of the casket. The Lector and Assistant lector take positions at the Lectern. The Lector steps forward and speaks clearly and solemnly (from memory) as follows.
NOTE: In the case of a memorial service, where the remains are not present, the Chalice will be placed on a draped stand adjacent to the podium.

Lector: Friends, (Assembly Name), Fourth Degree, Knights of Columbus, is once again called upon to bid a last farewell and to celebrate the entry into eternal life one of its members

With deep respect, we pay tribute to the memory of Sir Knight =====NAME===== whom God, in His infinite wisdom and mercy has seen fit to call to His eternal reward.

The occasion that brings us here today is one of sadness, but it is also one of celebration. It is sad, indeed, to realize that the ties of friendship and fraternal affection, which bound our brother to our Assembly, have been dissolved here on earth. It is one of celebration, because now he walks eternally with God.

Yet, in our sadness, we celebrate the fact that our brother, whom we know and still love, is rejoicing with gladness in God’s steadfast and ever enduring love. He has finished his labors here on earth. A faithful servant has been called to the joy of eternal life.

As we realize the uncertainty of life, and the debt we owe to our departed brother, an occasion such as this reminds us to dwell in serious thought on that time when we, too, traveling as fellow pilgrims in Baptism, shall join all of God’s children in the joyful fulfillment of God’s reign

With a note of gladness, power and confidence ring out in the words of St. Paul:
“Behold, I tell you a mystery! We shall not all fall asleep, but we will all be changed, in an instant, in the blink of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound; the dead will be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.” (1 Corinthians 15:51-52)

Tonight our hearts go out in deep sympathy to those who remain here to mourn. Their loss is great, but we mercifully ask our loving God in His goodness and kindness, to console His gathered Church. For those who knew Sir Knight =====NAME===== may I borrow a word for St. Ambrose: “We loved him in life; let us not forget him in death.”

With our hearts and minds filled with tenderness and sorrow, let us cherish our memories as we listen to these words:

Assistant Lector: And now I humbly invite all present to hear the Word of God taken from the Book of Wisdom:
“But the souls of the just are in the Hand of God, and no torment shall touch them. They seemed in view of the foolish to be dead; but they are in peace.” (Wisdom 3:1-2)

Today, we remember a brother whose life has given our own lives meaning. We remember him who enriched our lives with love and friendship, kindness and compassion, thoughtfulness and understanding. Departed indeed, from this life, he now shares with the saints the joy of the Church Triumphant. And now, we renew our bonds with him.
Worthy Sir Knight =====NAME===== in the presence of your loved ones and friends on this solemn occasion, we honor you as a beloved Christian witness. In loving testimony, we present this Chalice on which your name is engraved. It will be presented to a community of the Universal Church, there to be used in the Eucharistic Celebration. It will serve to unite the Church on earth with the Church in Heaven in that Sacred Banquet, in which, we pray, you already share, and for which we who remain still hope.

(Lector presents the Chalice to the next of kin who, in turn presents the chalice to the Celebrant when the ceremony is conducted at the Mass of Christian Burial. The Chalice is then used at the Consecration)

Worthy Sir Knight =====NAME===== until we meet again.

(Color Corp Command quietly gives the command “PRESENT SWORDS”. Lector and Assistant Lector render hand salute. Hold Position for 15 seconds)


(Color Corp Command quietly gives the command “CARRY SWORDS” and leads honor guard out of chapel, followed by Lector and Assistant Lector.)