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Why Should An Assembly Promote Voter Registration?

The pillar of the 4th Degree is patriotism.  In the United States of America, one of the most common and important means of exhibiting patriotism is to exercise one’s franchise (or vote).  To this end, it is incumbent upon said citizen to be properly informed prior to voting.  This helps to ensure that the citizen exercises his civic responsibilities in an appropriate manner.

The Assemblies can easily promote patriotism by encouraging all of their members to register to vote.  Furthermore, if an Assembly so chooses, it can also host voter registration drives.  In addition, the Assembly can have voter registration forms readily available to be filled out and mailed by any citizens interested in doing so.  Voter registration can also be done online.  Just as form 100’s are always readily available for prospective new members of the Knights, so could voter registration forms (or the digital equivalent on the various websites of the Assemblies).

One very important note:  any voter registration drive conducted at a particular parish must, of course, be done with the permission and blessings of the pastor.  Furthermore, it must be non-partisan.

If any Assembly would like further information on how to proceed with voter registration efforts, please contact Sir Knight Bart Pemberton of the Monsignor Don Hughes Assembly (520-820-4206,


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